About // Aurkezpena

Egin. Desegin. Berregin.

Xabi is a new business models researcher and a technology market strategist. He is the Co-founder of Osoigo.com, a civictech platform that aims making politics easy to participate and accessible for every citizen in the world.

He also leads Tivist.org, a community of digital activists who fundraise for different social causes and NGOs. He works in the search for new sales channels, market development, big data analysis and metrics, as well as in innovation, creating new products and functions for the platform.

He is also an Ambassador and member at Mondragon Team Academy where he studied LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) degree and developed multiple business initiatives in the area of education and gastronomy consultancy.

Apart from work experience, he loves sports, playing guitar and reading to feed his thirst for knowledge. He could explain to you how to conjugate “eat” and “gather” at the same time and share some plots to the future. In leisure time, he also involves people in new ideas and projects, writes tweets and make some noise in his blog.